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High Steppin into Week 6, ya’ll!


Wow, I really enjoyed this week and I have to admit, I was able to savor it a bit more,  once I knew I had a one week delay to post my blog entry! 

Let’s begin with day 1:  The Work of Service.  How many times do we sign up for things and ways to serve the Lord and then they turn into energy of the flesh.  Sometime, I know I sign up for things that sound great at the time, then I end up getting all stressed out with my enormous work load, that I lose the “Mary” in me and turn to the “Martha.”  Oh, to just slow down and sit at Jesus’ feet…how amazing!  I need to remind myself that I need to stop serving in the energy of the flesh because that energy is always running on empty. Question 2 reminds us that we can do nothing, apart from the Lord.  It is all toil and angst for nothing.  We must bear fruit and we do this by remaining in the Lord daily.  How?  By reading the Bible and through prayer.  Prayer is the way we talk to him and reading the Word is the way he talks to us.  Jean writes, ” The Lord is waiting to meet with us. While he waits, we have to make a choice.  We can be distracted by the lies of Satan, the world, the flesh or we can commune with Jesus.  Distractions are my #1 foe!  Jean reminds us to, “Feast on the Bread of Life, Drink Living Water, Walk Through the day energized in the power of the Holy Spirit.”  I have begun reading my bible with the kids in bed with me in the morning.  Yes, I may only get a tidbit of truth, but the Lord grows that tidbit in my heart all day.  I also feel it is a good example for my children to see me reading God’s Word.

Day 2: Grow Up! I am watching my little ones grow up before my very eyes and I cannot believe how fast things are going!  I hardly want to blink, in fear of missing something.  I love the way Mary, the mother of Jesus, held her baby treasuring each memory.  When I first viewed the movie, The Passion, I was not a mother, yet.  I wept in that movie for my sin that Jesus had to bear.  When I watched it again, as a mother, I gleaned a whole new perspective.  My heart ached for Mary, as she had to watch her son undergoing the horrific.  Jesus, as a child, grew in wisdom, grew physically and grew in favor of God and man.   We have to ask ourselves in question 2, what ways our children are growing in wisdom, physical growth and spiritual development?  Do you see any fruit on your children’s tree? Are they asking about Jesus, yet?  I can see many changes each day with both of my children, I have to pray for them and myself on how to train them for Christ.  And for God to show me ways to teach about him in all instances  “Do not forsake your mother’s teachings; indeed, they are a graceful wreath to you head and ornaments around your neck.” Prov.1:8-9  My prayer is for us to teach these babies to rely solely on the Lord, one day.

Day 3: Dressed up in Jesus!  I found this study to be right up my alley!  My oldest child has been fighting me on the things she wants to wear, she is 4, mind you!  I struggle with giving up that control.  I want the monogrammed outfit with matching bow or that perfect seasonal smocked dress with mary jane shoes.  She, however, wants mismatched comfort with a headband and lip gloss!  One morning, as we were on our way to her school, she is crying about the outfit she has to wear.  I realized, it is not that important.  I need to care more about her little feelings than impressing onlookers as we walk to her classroom.  Jean reminds us that Christian life provides a new wardrobe.  I am now spending less time worrying about her physical wardrobe and more about her spiritual one!   In question 1, there are all the reasons to disrobe the flesh and dress up in  Jesus.  Without Him, life is dark, sin separates us from Him, we have hard hearts and are insensitive and lustful for our own desires.  Jean asks us to write about the degeneracy of humanity, how without Jesus we could be anyone of those things; involoved in homosexuality, idolatry, murderer, evil, greedy, disobedient, boastful, arrogant, God haters and slanderers.  Praise you, God for saving me from that and forgiving my many sins!  Paul instructs us to put off the old self & put on the new self, which is in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness and truth.

Day 4: The Character of Christ.  At conversion, our old self is crucified and the body of sin is done away with.  We are dead to sin, but alive in Christ.  I think that is just amazing.  I was baptized at age 7 and I remember feeling so new and clean when I came out of those waters.  I know it was the real deal!  This is the picture I hold in my mind when I read Romans 6:3-7.  Further down, still on question 1, we respond to offer ourselves to the Lord and our bodies so the we may be instruments of righteousness.  I love the thought of being a tool used by our Lord.  It is such a priviledge, yet I am so unworthy.  Jean writes, “In Christ we are new creations with new natures.  We are not patched up versions of our old selves.  We are brand new, fresh, clean and revived.  We have to remember this when we are tired and the world beats us up.  We can find peace and solace in Him.

Day 5: Wise words.  “When words are many, sin is not absent.”  That is a Proverb that is my mantra.  I am a talker.  And as I have gotten older the whole gossip thing doesn’t seem to be as exciting as it was as a teen.  I have surrounded myself with Godly women that watch their words, which in turn helps me to watch my words, too.  Even, with Godly friends, you still have to arm yourself with the Word and ask for guidance for your mouth and heart.  It is obviously very important if it is written about in the Bible so many times.  I love Proverbs 10:20-21.  The word “nourish” stood out to me.  Just as we feed our children with healthy foods, we also must nourish their minds and hearts with precious words, kind words that will motivate and uplift.  We will stumble, lose our tempers, say things we know we shouldn’t, but that is when we humble ourselves, apologize and be freed!  Just as Proverbs 6:2-5 tells us.  Question 4 tells us we gain wisdom though the studying of God’s word, being blessed with discernment, then we can instruct pleasantly.   I love how Jean encourages us, not only to use kind words with our loved ones, but also to study Proverbs for an entire month, focusing on scriptures that deal with words.  I am going to challenge myself to do this.  It will really help guide our hearts with what to and not say to our children, husbands, friends and family.  I have also found if I open the Bible to Proverbs, and leave it on the kitchen counter, sneaking a peek every time I can,  I can really meditate on a verse all day.  It is truly amazing to see how the Living Word is alive and will morph and change with you through each moment of your day!   I love you, ladies! Continue to be strong this next week!


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