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Short Timeout


Hello Sweet Mamas! Ok, back to the turtle theme Lauren and Jean have been talking about….let’s not rush through this study without taking in the scenery God has put in place for us! The videos were a little behind and I want us to all be able to take the time and catch up on these amazing lessons! I was so hungry last night to have a word from the Lord that I watched lesson 4 & 5 in one sitting! I laughed and I cried! I was grateful that someone else besides me dislikes working out, I giggled out loud when Jean told of her tanning mishap, and I cried because I know that  my Lord is at work in my life. Thank you Jean for these messages!

Maybe you are also a little behind in your homework and need to revisit a few days or simply catch up.  So, with all that being said…lets take a few days to soak in what God has for us in this lesson by watching the videos and working in our workbooks.

Hopefully lesson 6 will be up soon too!:)

So….watch or listen to  lessons 4,5, & 6(when it becomes available) and catch up on your homework through week 6.  Morgan will be here on the 11th to discuss the homework for week 6.  Does that sound good??

Also, Listen to that song Jean posted a few posts below….it is AMAZING!





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